About us

Intrepidians has been catering to customer needs since 2009. Though the company took small steps initially, today it has already started showing signs of leaps. We have succeeded in creating a good team of hardworking associates who are experts in their own area of operations and have creatively and innovatively created few applications. The team is getting richer in experience while individuals are powerfully creating their own self, by learning new concepts, technologies and approaches.



Our team shares a free and fluid approach towards implementing technology and at the same time a commitment to excellence in providing service to customers and holding on to integrity and discretion while executing the projects.

In the past 20+ years of his experience in the field of IT, he worked with Microsoft, Business Objects and SAP.

During this time, he worked as an evangelist and promoted technology through GTM initiatives. He carries a rich global corporate experience of delivering talks and seminars on various technologies in various parts of the world.

With a flair to build customer rapport and maintain customer relationships he has been instrumental in delivering the projects on time and almost smoothly. He have always endeavored into grey areas and had been enterprising enough in undertaking new projects and assignments.


A tenacious personality being he, stood dauntlessly by many a odds and had been outspoken and fair . His zest in involving in and indulging the youth in free thought and experimenting has helped many brighten their careers and excel in their lives.


Founding intrepidians is a cumulative of all the experience he gathered so far.

Like a born entrepreneur, he gathered various skills in running business for quite a while now. His experience in teaching

kids, enabled him to develop self created teaching methods of ‘Concept Visualization’, that has gained him popularity.


Highly dedicated to excellence, he has on his own, created a huge space in the field of teaching, that also applies to IT. Before entering intrepidians he served various IT departments of various colleges and had been very popular among students, the teaching fraternity and the University department.


He was a name in the C-DAC circle, that introduced him to training at a different level. An avid user of technology almost dexterously, he has championed the open source technologies in a short time and had been instrumental in


Pursuing his PhD in ‘Concept Visualization’ he has become a source of inspiration to the entire team at intrepidians. His overall experience with technology inches him towards fulfillment of his dream project in the area of teaching methodology.