A person with calm and composed personality is rare achievement so early in life. This helps comforting customers especially during rough times. Nilesh carries good experience in requirement gathering. As a business analyst, and with flair to explore new technologies on the fly, he leads the team from front.

Beginning as .net Developer, with skills in MS SQL development, he has gradually grown to a full-fledged DB expert. While working on multiple projects almost simultaneously, he has gathered proficiency in c# .net.  and other variants of C, Java, HTML and CSS,.NET, Java Servlets,  JSP,, PLSQL, Swing, JavaScript, etc. He also carries, good understanding of ERPs like PentaHo and Microsoft Navision, and worked hands-on, on IBM COGNOS

He dexterously works on both the Linux and Windows platforms.

Prashant is a go-getter with high spirit and energy. He helps build morale of the team and provides relentless support. His sincere and hardworking nature has helped him gain accolades within the team and from the customers.

His expertise in C, C++, Java, JSP, Servlet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, MVC, Web Services gives him an edge in programming.

With exposure to technologies like MS-Access, MS-SQL, VBScript and good understanding of Windows XP/7 and Linux makes him a versatile programmer. His domain knowledge of Sales makes him a good programmer and thus a good guide to the team

A sheer hard-worker, with a never give-up attitude, Subhash becomes a very important member of the team. His passion to learn and adapt to change at high speed makes him reliable partner in every project. He is an efficient Team player with good communication skills.

He has tried hands on many other technologies, like C#, VB.NET, SQL Server. He has extensive experience in ASP.NET, Oracle 10g, MS-SQL, WCF, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, MVC and is well versed with Widows Server 2003/ 2008/2012. A keen listener to customer requirements and needs confluence by his acumen for a technological fit makes him a clever analyst.