About Us

Intrepidians was started by Vijay Nag and Bhanudas Satam. Although the company was founded in 2017, prior to that it took up projects and services in software development, webpage designing and other IT related services and imparting training in the last 15 years. The founders of the company have about 25 years of experience in computer science, training, coaching, and have been providing consultancy for past several years. So far, many satisfied customers are currently availing the services of the company, including government agencies and private entities.


Since 2018 we have extended our technical education to the general public keeping the medium of instruction bi-lingual or tri-lingual. We are experimenting with this mode of instruction. Where-ever possible, We have been disseminating this knowledge in Indian languages through webinars/seminars, at the cost affordable to them. In the journey of over 25 years we carry an experience while we have also witnessed the transformation of the industry. We witnessed IT grow, that is, Industry 3.0, which came about in 1990. And now that we have reached the threshold of Industry 4.0, we are ready to prepare others training them. Everyone has the right to modern knowledge, though many give-up this opportunity for lack of money or unaffordable fees.

We will be offering these courses at a reasonable amount.