About us

Intrepidians was incorporated in 2017, by Vijay Nag and Bhanudas Satam, in Mumbai, India.

Company Information

The customer base is just over 15 customers and they are highly satisfied as we stood by them, when they needed us. We provided quick, inexpensive and innovative solutions, that has got us good will.


Intrepidians as a company had a very long gestation period before it could get incorporated. It started from a very small time computer institute in the business hub of mumbai, where it flourished and rose to good name within a span of few months. Many who passed out of our institute came to us for work while many proprietory companies approached us to seek solutions to their problems. Then we just bridged the gap, but soon as we realized the potential and a seed of converting ourselves into an entity was planted.

We served right from very small proprietory firms to small and big corporates to the PSUs.

Our Purpose

Help the customers to run better and help their customers. Include all big and small to reach their goals and achieve their vision, through strong support that we provide.